IP Assets


Trademark application
Change agent
of goods and services
Apply for reissue change
Proof of transfer/renewal
Issue a certificate of registration
Application withdrawal
Trademark transfer
Trademark transaction
Generic name revocation


Invention patent application
Utility model patent application Appearance Patent application
Patent bibliographic item change
Patent evaluation report
Patent annual fee monitoring
Patent invalidation
Patent innovation
Patent pledge registration
Patent administrative litigation
Patent administrative investigation
Patent litigation
Patent invalidation


Computer copyright registration
General works copyright registration
Copyright inquiry
Copyright change
Copyright transfer
Copyright license
Copyright Supplement
Other applications for copyright

IP Management
IPR circumvention and anti-circumvention
Competition between enterprises in market economy is the competition of intellectual property. How to protect our own intellectual property right in time and effectively in the market competition, how to avoid intellectual property violations of competitors or obtain bargaining or cooperation chips through IPR circumvention and anti-circumvention in the process of business operation, this is the service that we are offering.
We offer customize all-around intellectual property services. Clients can outsourcing intellectual property portfolio management to us. Our expert team will provide intellectual property solutions based on client's medium and long term vision with it's real situation,  to give support and add value & core competence for the clent's business development.
Consulting Services
Legal Services

1、IP Legal Service
2、IP Contentious and Non-Contentious Legal Work
   A, Bringing administrative proceedings on behalf of clients dissatisfied with NIPA     examination results    B, Mediation and litigation proceedings relating to the ownership of patents and       trademarks    C, Patent, trademark and copyright infringement proceedings    D, Unfair competition, trade secret violation proceeding
3、Online and Offline Anti-counterfeiting & Protection of Intellectual Property
Provide brands with online and offline protection and anti-counterfeiting services to help brands "grow healthily"

China Company Registration

Company Registration
For overseas clients who intend to register companies in China, we can provide a complete set of services, including company registration, tax registration, bank account opening, annual tax return service, telephone answering and office address & mailbox service among others.

Company Maintenance
We can provide clients with comprehensive one-stop corporate services pertaining to business, tax, legal affairs, finance, intellectual property and others.

Location Strategy
We can analyze and recommend suitable locations for business registration based on customer needs, and provide a series of services for business establishment and subsequent maintenance.

Stage 2
Make an Accurate Plan
Service Process
Stage 1
Recognize the Needs of Clients
Stage 3
Sign a Contract
Stage 4
Consignment and Process Monitoring