The Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Agency was founded in 1993 and was among one of the first approved intellectual property agencies by government.
Institutional members include Fujian Asia-Pacific Trademark & Patent Agency Co.,Ltd, Fujian Chengde Intellectual Property Law Firm(General Partnership), Fujian Fengdao Law Firm, Fujian Asia Pacific Zhong Run Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Operating Co.,Ltd..  
We had established a strong service team with senior attorneys, professional intellectual property consultants, and had established excellent cooperative relationships with foreign intellectual property agencies in different country. Since 1993, we have successfully provided high quality intellectual property services to over ten thousand clients. We are the leading comapny of the Haixi or Western Taiwan Straits in trademark registrations, patent agency services and intellectual property proceedings service industry.
Corporate Culture

An expert should have the right character and strength of personality, also needs to be sufficiently professional – that is, the spirit of studying and learning in lifetime  thoughout their career.
We focus on providing intellectual property services, and always loyal to our clients with our professional service.

Responsibility is at the heart of our professional standards and is rooted in the heart of everyone in Asia Pacific.

Efficiency is our service requirement, to complete tasks the first time rapidly.
International Service Center

The International Service Center of Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Institution, drawing on more than 28 years of experience in this field accumulated by Asia-Pacific Intellectual Property Institution, provides overseas clients with comprehensive and one-stop intellectual property and legal services. The International Service Center of Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Institution has established a professional team with dual-certified lawyers, senior patent planners, provincial brand agents and multilingual talents. The International Service Center develops corporate and commercial services in relation to  intellectual property rights and laws abroad through independent establishment or joint construction. The International Service Center is committed to providing the following services to clients in countries of the Belt and Road Initiative :

International Intellectual Property Consultation
International Brand Management
International Brand Licensing and Transfer
Global Trademark Service
Global Copyright Registration
Global Patent Services
Service Coverage

International Service Coverage Area:
United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Service Areas in Other Countries of the Belt and Road Initiative ( Continuous Seeking for Partnership ):
Belarus, Jordan, Estonia, Kuwait, Serbia, Cambodia, Laos, Albania, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Georgia, Lebanon, Latvia, Bahrain, Romania, Bangladesh, Nepal, Syria, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Poland, Yemen, Slovenia, UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maldives, Afghanistan, Montenegro, Lithuania, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Iraq, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Egypt, Macedonia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Oman.
葛永莉 Michelle
陳緂 Tony
Michelle  Founder / CEO
MBA, Senior experts in the international compliance management group and intellectual property services. More than 28 years of experience in the intellectual property industry.
Executive director of Quanzhou Trademark Association
Director of China Trademark Association
Station Manager of "China Trademark" Fujian Workstation.
Working Languages: Chinese, English

Tony  Overseas Business Department / GM
Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce in India.
More than 20 years of management and operation experience in the international business consulting services industry, education, international  trade and with rich resources. Proficient in international relations, skilled in communication and coordination, market development, and government relations.
Working Languages: Chinese, English, Hokkien, Cantonese

祝昕昕 Aaliyah
GM Assistant
Senior intellectual property consultant. Rich working experience in the field of legal affairs related to trademark. Unique insights on intellectual property services in relation to trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Exellent skill at developing intellectual property rights and formulating trademark strategy. Providing intellectual property services to well-known brands such as Anta, Zhongtian and Startup.
Working Languages: Chinese
胡靜 Shirley
KA Manager
Senior intellectual property consultant with over 10 years of working experience. Expertise in the field of legal affairs related to trademark. Numerous cases handling experience over the years. Prudent and meticulous working style highly appreciated by clients.
Working Languages: Chinese
王福志 Mileson
International Project Manager
Bachelor Degree in Translation. 5 years of translation experience. Fluency in English and Portuguese. Excellent diplomatic reception skills.
Working Languages:Chinese, English,Portuguese
Our Team
A professional team with dual-certified lawyers, senior patent planners, provincial brand agents and multilingual talents.